Sunday, July 19, 2015

I got my rebate in GTA Online

Hey Guys, I was checking my e-mail about a couple of minutes ago and found out I received an e-mail from the Social Club. Here, check it out,
Yeah, I use Yahoo Mail as my primary E-mail account. Don't judge me.

I'm not showing this to brag at all. I am using this to show to other people what kind of money to expect from this 25% rebate. $550,000 is not that bad. However, this was when I purchased that Progen T20, so you might make a lot lot less if you didn't buy this car.

About the Progen T20, don't buy it. I honestly am not a fan of it. I would rather you guys just buy the Osiris instead.  It just feels too stiff to drive around in the Progen T20 when compared to the Osiris. However, I guess it really depends on the driver.
Till Next Time!!
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