Monday, August 1, 2011

Which Perk-A-Cola Is More Important?

Hey Guys, today I'm going to talk to you about the perks in Zombie mode in Call Of Duty Black Ops and see which perk is the most important to use.

First let's talk about Juggernog.
When you drink Juggernog it increases your health, which is pretty helpful. Originally if you haven't drinked Juggernog you would go down in two hits, but equipped with Juggernog you would go down in four hits. This would buy you time for any situations that would get you down, for example reloading, or you need to revive other players, and buying other Perks. And it at the great price of 2500 points!

Next Up, Quick Revive!
With the quick revive, you can revive other players twice as faster then ever! But in Solo mode you can revive yourself when equipped the quick revive. And you can't revive yourself when in Co-Op. But it's the cheapest perk in the game at a mere 1500 points!

Now let's talk about, Speed Cola!
When you drink Speed Cola, you reload faster which is similar to the Sleight of Hand perk in the multiplayer mode. Also it let's you rebuild barriers faster. But Speed Cola is the most expensive perk available in the game costing 3000 points!

Last But Not Least, Double Tap Root Beer!
Now this really waste your ammo if you don't use your weapon correctly. All it does is increase your weapons rate of fire. And it's at the price of 2000 points!

So out of all these Perks, which one is the most important? The most important perk is... JUGGERNOG!!! It's great to use this perk if you are surrounded with zombies, so why not use this Perk-A-Cola!?
Till Next Time!!
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