Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Red 3DS Announced!

Hey Guys, it's been a rough time for the 3DS and about two days tops, the price drop will take effect. But since it has two colors, Nintendo is releasing a Red 3DS for Star Fox 64 3D!

Flame Red Nintendo 3DS Coming to North America

A new color of Nintendo's handheld to correspond with Star Fox 64 3D release.

August 10, 2011

Only a month after the 3DS's massive price drop, which goes into effect August 12, Nintendo will be launching a "Flame Red" version of the portable gaming device.

This crimson portable will hit store shelves on September 9, the same day that Star Fox 64 3D does a barrel roll onto the platform. This new color of system will sell for the same price as the Black and Aqua Blue versions -- $169.99.

Coming your way September 9.

Although this new color of 3DS goes on sale the same day as Star Fox, there are currently no plans to release a bundle packaging the game and the red system together.

If you don't like the colors of the current 3DS then you should wait to purchase this new Red 3DS if you like the color.
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