Monday, December 19, 2016

This is why Call of Duty 4's Supply Drops Suck....

Hey Guys, I apologize for not posting frequently. I would be repeating myself by saying that I just don't have as much time to be writing and playing video games. Anyways, I got a chance to play some Overwatch and Call of Duty 4. Both of them had an update while I was gone. While I am enjoying Overwatch's and Call of Duty's update, I can't help but think that the implemented loot system in Call of Duty 4 is completely unnecessary.

There are only a handful of acceptable character models that you can unlock or purchase in the game; Otherwise, almost all of them suck in my opinion

I am totally aware that people were flipping their shit over this decision even before these supply drops were announced to be included in the Modern Warfare Remaster. As a matter of fact, I'm positive most people didn't even care for these supply drops to begin with. Even when they were introduced in Advanced Warfare, I really didn't give a shit about them.

Honestly I think the Black Ops saga had the best customization options in terms of weapons and emblems in the entire franchise. None of them with the exception of Black Ops III had to rely on supply drops to get the best customization items. Well, it is arguable that there is better character customization in Black Ops III than there are in the MWR, but even then there is very limited options for character customization in Black Ops III.

Imagine the potential that this remaster would have had if it had a deep character customization rather than just having to choose from these pre-made character models that really don't have much appeal to most people.

The current customization isn't really good. I never really minded these weapon cosmetics, but I do care about how the character I create looks in multiplayer. If you're into weapon skins and only weapon skins, then this isn't so bad, but for those of you who thought Call of Duty would improve their character customization will be utterly disappointed.

However, I'm not going to be giving this supply drop system that much shit because you can pretty much play MWR without ever having to open one of these drops.

What I want you guys to takeaway from this is that even though supply drops suck there really is no need to be freaking out over them. All you really can do is either ignore them or just move on to a much better game than MWR. Maybe play some Titanfall 2? Dishonored 2? Battlefield 1? Something else?
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