Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Xbox Live: Free Games of January 2017- Xbox Done

Hey Guys, the next batch of free games for Xbox Live users have been revealed. This month's games weren't all that bad and Outlast was easily the saving grace to that. However, next month's games are literally a mixed bag. Allow me to explain.

I don't know what Xbox Live has against Xbox One users. I'm not saying that the games selected for Xbox One are bad, but they are incredibly disappointing. Killer Instinct is a game that never really caught my attention. I'm not big on fighting games, so naturally I'm not going to enjoy the game

World of Van Helsing just looks like a generic over-the-top game, so easily this has to be the worst of the batch of games for January.

The Cave looks like an okay game. The platforming might be fun, but otherwise the game itself doesn't seem like anything special. After the whole Mighty Number 9 incident, I think 2D platforming really should be getting a revamp or something to stay relevant.

Rayman Origins was already made for free on Xbox One. Why on Earth make it free again? I really do hate it when Xbox decides to pull moves like this because it takes away from getting to play a different game.

I'm done for today. I'm thinking of making another game pickups post by Friday or Saturday. It depends how many games I'm willing to buy this Christmas weekend or early next week.
Till Next Time!!
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