Friday, January 6, 2017

Nintendo Switch Leaks: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, it's been a while since my last post, but not much has been going on. However, just today leaks have emerged from a UK retailer, GameSeek, the possible release date and price of the Nintendo Switch. Keep in mind that this might not be completely accurate.

The possible release date is March 17th and possible price point is $245

Before I say anything else, I want to say that I want to see the Nintendo Switch become a success. The Wii U proved to be a failure to Nintendo. Even though there were some great games released on the Wii U, it just couldn't sell well. The Nintendo Switch might be Nintendo's saving grace.

We're supposed to see the Nintendo Switch in-depth presentation on January 12th. Maybe they will have the exact price for the console as well as the release date. We know for sure it's supposed to release it March, but we're still unsure about the games for it.

If the leaks are true, then I am extremely glad that Nintendo made the right choices. I'm still surprised that the Nintendo Switch is being released this early.

Even though there wasn't enough demonstrations for the Nintendo Switch, I still feel like it's going to sell like hotcakes just based on the price alone. $250 is dirt cheap for a brand new console especially from Nintendo. Then again, I do see there being more versions of the console being released at different prices based on the storage.

Nonetheless, it's perfectly fine to remain skeptical. Until more games have been announced or more models are announced, I could see why people are either not buying the console or not seeing it being able to sell well.

Either way, the Wii U had a launch price of $300. It's not bad, but there wasn't a whole lot of games people wanted to purchase to warrant a purchase for the console. I hope everything turns out great for Nintendo.
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