Sunday, January 15, 2017

Nintendo Switch: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Hey Guys, I know that it's been a while since I made my last post, but I recently started school again, so my schedule is going to be tight once again. I'm a bit late on this, but I think it's time to talk about the Nintendo Switch. While there are a lot of good things about the Nintendo Switch, it's important to still discuss the bad parts.

Still coming out much earlier than expected!

The Good
I'll start off with the good. The actual capabilities of the console are neat! If the motion controls are precise
and actually have "HD rumble", then the amount of creative ways to use them would be interesting to see. It's a pretty powerful console, so the fact that they can make it into a handheld is impressive for sure.

The games themselves are a mixed bag. However, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as well as Super Mario Odyssey are easily the two games that are system sellers. Hell, Breath of the Wild is most likely the game that people are going to start off with once they purchase a Switch.  I'll go more into the problems that I have with the games a bit later.

I'll also mention the price point. $300 is a fair price point for the console. I really was looking forward to $250, but $300 is good enough.

The Bad
Ok, the launch titles. What the hell was Nintendo thinking? Literally, I believe it was a huge mistake to have to release Super Mario Odyssey at a much later date rather than have it released alongside Breath of the Wild. Personally, I would buy the Nintendo Switch just for Breath of the Wild, but it's still just one game.

1, 2, Switch is easily the biggest rip-off that I've seen from Nintendo in a while. Seriously, that thing is a tech demo. I imagine people would probably have only a couple of hours worth of fun from that game then people would just get bored. I don't know why they would charge $50 for the thing. Honestly, I hope they have a change of heart and just package it with the Switch because nobody with a brain is going to pay $50 for a tech demo.

The battery life is pretty bad. Depending on the game, that battery is not going to last. Breath of the Wild is already confirmed to drain the battery out in about 3 hours. I'm not going to totally complain about it since it's a very large game running on a powerful console, but what can you accomplish in 3 hours in an open-world game?

While the Joycon controls have some neat features, I think the main question I have for it is whether or not it will be comfortable for all users. I have some pretty large hands, so I think it would easily cause some cramping in them as well as for people with large hands. This console already seems like it was designed for children. I think there should be an option to purchase Joycon controllers that can fit for people with large hands. Then again, what if you need to put both controllers on the tablet?

The Ugly
The pricing of the accessories are insane! If you want both Joycon controllers, they are going to run you $80! What the serious fuck!? If you want to buy them separately, then it's going to run you $50 a piece. What about the pro controller? It'll run you $70.

Seriously, this has to be the only reason why I wouldn't want to buy a Nintendo Switch. The controllers cost more than an Xbox or PS4 controller. I have no idea what kind of sense that makes. Maybe they just cost more to make?

If I'm going to being paying that much for a controller, then those controllers better be able to grill something for me or something.

Those are my final thoughts for the Nintendo Switch. I would pre-order one, but I have school tuition payments to be making, so it wouldn't be a great idea to be buying one anytime soon. I hope for the console to be a success. So far, it's a massive improvement over the Wii U.
Till Next Time!!
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