Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Minnesotaburns Incident

Hey Guys, I know that I'm kind of late on this topic since it's probably been more than 9 months since Minnesotaburns quit YouTube. Yes, Minnesotaburns has quit YouTube for those of you who didn't know by now or were unclear as to what happened to him.
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If you're like me, you have been around since John Trollsen had been trolling little kids on Xbox Live when he had about 40,000 subscribers. That was back in 2012! 2012 has to be the best year for YouTube, but this was also the year of the rise of Trollarch.

I loved his videos! He was just absolutely brilliant at what he did especially when he started on Hate Mail. He really was a guy who wanted to have hackers and cheaters punished for what they do, but of course he was punished instead.

He has been on a long battle with Xbox Live support. They just hated Mr. Trollsen for what he did. However, I guess they don't have to worry about him anymore.

A video was leaked about Burnsy cussing out a kid over Skype. However, most people don't understand the background information about the video. Burnsy explained in his "Swatting: My Story" that this kid leaked his personal information and called the police to his parent's home.

The kid's friend apparently was the one who called in the police. However, I really don't believe most of what this kid said, but he did admit that he was the one who leaked Burnsy's information. You can check out the video here.

Since the video has been released, it has received mixed opinions. However, there was enough backlash that made Minnesotaburns quit.

Honestly, I totally get why Burnsy would react the way he did. How would you feel if some person swatted your house and released your information? I positive you would be pissed. However, Burnsy overdid it. He didn't have to say such violent threats to the kid or even call him names.

He sold his channel recently and now it's called "Minnesotapranks". You won't believe how many dislike each video gets because of what it used to be. The subscriber count is just going down for this channel and that just sucks. Burnsy is now officially a sellout. 

With the amount of people who have been swatted on YouTube, it does make people angry that Minnesotaburns quit. His channel is pretty much dead, but his videos are still up for people to enjoy. Most people are just going to go on the channel to hit the dislike button or unsubscribe.

I unsubscribed a long time ago because it was a gaming channel. I don't want these prank videos that are on an ex-gaming channel! However, I guess there is nothing else that could happen.

At this point in time, it's too late for Burnsy to come back. It's finally the end of Minnesotaburns. Most of his fans have turned against him and it's pretty much for the right reason. He didn't have to leave YouTube, but I positive he's still getting paid for these videos that aren't even his.
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