Friday, February 10, 2017

Should Retailers Sell Your Games Early?

Hey Guys, before I talk about today's topic I want to mention that I just started the For Honor open beta yesterday. I'm going to have an impressions post on it within the next couple of days or maybe Sunday depending on how long I want to be playing the game.

In addition, I want to talk about Destiny and Call of Duty, but that'll be on a separate post I'll make in the near future. Anyways, let's get to the topic for today. Yes, this is just going to be a wall of text.

I was going through IGN articles and stumbled upon an article that they are reporting on in which some website claims that retailers are discussing with publishers to release physical copies of their games early, so people can get their hands on them earlier. The catch? The games are locked until the game release date.

I'm going to say it like it is, this is one of the most unnecessary ideas that I've ever heard. The website that I linked does a relatively good job of providing the pros and cons of this idea, but it general why in the world do we need this?

We live in the 21st century! People could pre-order their games digitally and pre-download it, so they could boot it up the day it comes out. They are already locked out of the game since it hasn't released yet.

Literally, I don't see anyone going to the story to buy a physical copy of their game early and going home to just have it laying around. People can just simply use their controllers to pre-order whatever game they want and have it ready to download.

I imagine people who only buy physical copies of their games and don't have the time to be picking up their games during store hours due to work or whatever would be happy about this, but that's still a small number of people that this idea would actually benefit.

If any of you can see the good in this, please try to convince me otherwise. Hell, I'm sure none of you would be buying your games this early knowing you can't even play it.
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