Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Xbox Live: Free Games of August 2017- A proper close to the summer...

Hey Guys, I am currently working on my impressions for the Destiny 2 Beta. I'm putting all of my thoughts together in a way to not have people throwing pitchforks at me over my opinions. Anyways, next month's free games for Xbox Live Gold members have been announced and boy was I happy!
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I'm not sure why a game preview is being made free, but I assume it's because the Xbox team can never really satisfy Xbox One users. How about The Culling? It looks like a fun game and it's around the same price point. Personally, I'm just looking for anything is similar to Battlegrounds because I can't wait for that to come to Xbox One.

I've never played a Trials game before. I watched a lot of YouTube videos about the games and I laughed my ass off over them! Just never got a chance to get around them, so it's great that it's being made free for Xbox One owners!

Bayonetta is an awesome game. I bought a physical copy of the game a few months ago and only played a little bit of it. Why I never got back into it is beyond my comprehension, but I guess it's because of all these multiplayer games that are holding me back. If you're not busy and are looking for an action game, please play this game. It's an awesome beat 'em up style game with a lot of wacky action moments. Just don't play this game around other people. You'll understand why when you play the game yourself.

Never played any of the Red Faction game. I've heard Red Faction Guerrilla was pretty good and mixed opinions on Red Faction Armageddon. Maybe I'll play it, but it's at least a much better pick compared to last month's games.

Thanks you all for reading! Seriously, play Bayonetta if you haven't already. I'm still upset over the fact that Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive, but maybe in the far future we'll see a port of it on other consoles. Remember to keep an out for my Destiny 2 Beta impressions.
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