Monday, September 11, 2017

PewdiePie vs. Sean Vanaman: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, PewdiePie has once again caused controversy over the internet again. Want to know what he did? While livestreaming some Battlegrounds, he dropped the "N" word. Of course, some people didn't like this one bit while other normal people knew that he was just messing around. Racism isn't the main point of this article as there are arguments on both sides of this. The main point of this article over the actions of Firewatch dev, Sean Vanaman.

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I want to make this known that I am not a PewdiePie fan by any stretch of the imagination. It's been a while since I have watched any videos made from him, so I am going to have an opinion on this from the perspective of someone who believes in the first amendment.

While Sean Vanaman was the creator of Firewatch and has the right to refuse to have his products show up in PewdiePie's vidoes, he has no right to use DMCA takedowns on his videos. Do you know what a DMCA takedown can do to a channel? It can lead to the death of a channel! No person deserves to have their channel taken down by bullshit like this unless they are our right stealing content. You know... like reaction channels.

While this particular tweet from Vanaman has a good point in the sense that your words can get yourself incriminated IN A CRIMINAL OFFENCE, I guess what he means that PewdiePie got himself into this situation by saying a racial slur. Using his logic about his steam not being commentary, what about other big steamers? Aren't they technically getting ad growth to their brands? These people have to make a living somehow.

"Our game on his channel= endorsement". What. The. Serious. Fuck. You give 3,000 keys to streamers and you gave one to PewdiePie. This was the same man who you can arguably say contributed to the YouTube adpocalypse. You're telling me you didn't do the same action when this happened? I'm not saying he should have, but as soon as PewdiePie dropped the "N" word he's like "fuck this I'm taking down his Firewatch videos".

Let's be honest, PewdiePie still has the most subscribers on YouTube and still pulls millions of viewers a day. Any game he shows on this channel essentially is being promoted. The fact that Sean Vanaman is bending over the man that helped bring Firewatch to popularity is already a dick move.

Have your own opinions, but when your actions are going to threaten someone's lifestyle-especially one who helped you- then you are no longer deserving of sympathy.
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