Sunday, July 31, 2011

Troubleshooting: My Xbox 360 Game Keeps Freezing, And It's Clean!

Hey Guys, today on VGT I will walk you through on how to repair your problem on your Xbox 360 game disc. The first question, it doesn't work but it's clean! Okay here's the steps you need to take to play your game again.

1. When your on the Xbox 360 dashboard, scroll to the right to the System settings. And once your there you need to click memory.

2. Now that you clicked memory, go on All devices or choose any devices if you want but it's recommended to use All devices.

Clear System Cache on Device Options screen.
3. Last but least, after you clicked it go to Clear System Cache. The System Cache is supposed to help make your games load faster, but it can overload or something once in a while and you need to clear it.

Okay if this help leave your comments down below, and if it didn't then you need to play the game offline because the game could freeze due to connection problems.
Till Next Time!!
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