Saturday, September 5, 2015

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Impressions #1

Hey Guys, it's been officially 4 days since Metal Gear Solid V released and I barely had enough time to play it. I believe I put in around 10 hours into the game and I'm not even at 11% completion of the game. I believe the game only times you during the main story missions, so I'm not sure if side missions are counted.

Before I begin my impressions of the game itself, I want to bring up the server issues I'm having with this game. I'm currently playing on the Xbox One version of the game, but I still can't connect to the servers. Konami stated they fixed the servers, but players will still have issues with it. I really don't care about uploading my scores for the world to see, but I do care about importing my Ground Zeroes save file into the Phantom Pain. If somebody has been able to import their save file, please message me about what it has because I really can't find any hard evidence of what you get if you played Ground Zeroes.

I'm currently on the mission where you have to rescue Emmerich from this base camp and I recently just defeated Quiet. I have to mention that the boss fight with Quiet was pretty cool. It wasn't difficult, but due to the unpredictability of the climate you never know what might happen. I had this sandstorm occur in my session and it was just a stressful fight since I had no idea where I was going or where Quiet was even at.

I haven't really expanded by Mother Base too large. I believe I have the second command post up, the medical bay, and the R&D post up. I'm pretty excited to see what my Mother Base will look like if I spend my materials improving it.

So far, I'm really digging this game. There's just so many activities you can do in this game. I'm pretty early into the story, so I still have some time to put in to really see what this game has to offer.

I'll be doing these updates as long as it takes to beat this game and put up the review to this game. However, I put in enough time to say that this game is worth its price tag. You're going to be busy with this game for a while, but it's mostly due to the stealth element of the game.
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