Saturday, November 21, 2015

PS2 Games on PS4: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, it has been a little over a week since backwards compatibility released on Xbox One. Although the current Xbox 360 game line-up is about 104, there are more to come as time goes on. I am little disappointed by the fact that most of the popular requests were not made backwards compatible. I actually wanted Black Ops II to be backwards compatible, but I guess we all have to wait until that day comes.

Anyways, I'm here to talk about Sony's announcement of a PS2 emulator for the PS4. It's going to work the similarly as the Xbox One's Xbox 360 emulator. Right now, not much is known as this announcement was only made yesterday.

Do I think this is a bad idea? Well, it's totally opinion based. Most fan-favorite games have been remastered to both last-gen consoles and current-gen consoles. The Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection and Silent Hill: HD Collection come to mind. I am not going to lie, but there are some PS2 games that still hold up to this day. However, it will be a very small list.

A PS3 emulator would have been the smarter move. I never owned a PS3, but I do plan on getting a PS4 purely for console exclusives. Imagine a person who has never owned a PS3 or has a PS3; they will want to buy a PS4 because they have more options on what games they can play.

I can give Sony this, they manged to actually make an emulator for the PS2. Microsoft has been talking about making the original Xbox games backwards compatible, but they have not done so, yet.

Sorry it's been a while since I posted anything. It's kind of hard to juggle time between video games and real life. I'm still working on the Fallout 4 impressions post, but I need some screenshots without spoiling the game. I'm kind of stuck on a quest as part of the main story, so I'm in the middle of doing some side quests to get more supplies.
Till Next Time!!
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