Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fallout 4 Impressions #1

Hey Guys, I know this is way overdue. I wanted to release this as soon as possible since the two week mark of Fallout 4's release is quickly approaching. In all honesty, my feeling towards the game have been very bipolar. You have critics praising this game like no tomorrow and you have YouTube reviewers saying things that critics have not been mentioning.

Currently, I am level 34. I know that I am not very skilled at the game. I had my difficulty on normal for the entirety of the main story quest line. I changed it to hard after I completed it. I think I was on level 28 when I changed the difficulty.

Word of advice, if you can handle it try playing the game on hard or even go further beyond. The game is not hard unless you do not have any good weapons or armor. You could go through the whole game in power armor, but you would have to keep searching for fusion cores to keep them going.

Personally, I hardly used power armor in the game. I think I only have about 4 sets of power armor. The reason why I do not use power armor is because I like to have a challenge. If there are moments where I literally am stuck, then I will use power armor as an ultimate last resort. Additionally, I like the look of my character and I just think the power armor just hinders it.

How about the main story? Well, I do not want to spoil anything, but I thought it was okay. The twist was pretty good though! I honestly was not expecting it. However, I really was not satisfied with the ending. In case you're curious, I did side with the Brotherhood of Steel. They have firepower and armor! I may not agree with everything they did, but I got to do what I've got to do to get some awesome weapons.

I do not know if it's just me, but I think Ghouls are a lot more powerful in Fallout 4 then in Fallout 3. Seriously, I remember that I could literally just shoot a Ghoul in the chest and they will go down. In Fallout 4, I try my best to avoid them in pacts! I got this Electrified Chinese Sword that will take most ghouls in a hit or two, but it is pretty much useless if there are too many of them!

However, I do really love the fact that Fallout 4 is a lot more challenging. Well, at least a lot more challenging if you are not using power armor and/or playing on hard.

I think I finished the main story at around the 24 hour mark. I still have a wealth of activities to do, but the problem with that is the fact that you literally have to go on the Fallout wiki to find these side quests if you do not want to have to keep searching the Commonwealth blindly.

I do not know how long I will have a review up on this game. I'm actually going to have to include screenshots for it.
Till Next Time!!
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