Monday, February 8, 2016

VirtuaDolls: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, it's another slow month! I might be kind of late of this, but if you have not seen this controller then there is a good reason why. VirtuaDolls is basically this controller you can use that can simulate sex with anime style characters.
I'm not going to include pictures of the controller due to the rules and technical reasons. You can check out the actual page here.
I am in no position to judge anyone who buys this. If you're into hentai or virtual women, then I think you will love this thing. However, this is easily the weirdest, yet most creative controller I have ever seen.

Want to know why I included this screenshot? Well, it sums up everything I am about to say in this article. People are going to feel ashamed to use this and won't share the news that they bought one. I think there were about 50 that were available for an "early-bird" or something like that.

Can you imagine yourself buying one of these and having people over? Neither can I because I would probably have this thing in the back of my closet if I ever had it in my position. Don't get the wrong idea here because I'm totally not going to buy this. Seriously, the girls that come with Girls of Arcadia are way too fake looking for my appeal. Regardless, I still wouldn't buy it even if the girls were realistic looking. Please, don't be that one guy who spends $500 on the create a girl bundle. I know I said I am in no position to judge, but that would be crossing the line.

Can you imagine just trying to clean the silicon after you're done? Yeah, it's still going to be dirty no matter how much you clean it. Just imagine how strong the smell would be if you eat so much meat and dairy products. You'll probably die.

Should we care that this exits? Of course not, but it does serve as an example of how far we have come in virtual reality. If only we used this kind of innovation on something more productive.
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