Monday, February 29, 2016

My Problem with Ubisoft...

Hey Guys, most of you are probably excited for The Division. Well, at least most people that I talk to will not shut up about it, so I guess I'm just generalizing that most people are hyped up for the game. I personally was not awed by the beta, so I am not looking forward to the game. I think most people who are a part of the hype train for The Division are just dense because they will not listen to reason. Just read my impression of the beta if you really want to know why I am not impressed with The Division.

I want to get this off my chest because I have had enough from Ubisoft at this point. If you have not yet noticed, Ubisoft has been releasing disappointing games since late 2014. It all started with Watch Dogs and then Assassin's Creed Unity. Neither were bad games, but they were such disappointments.

Ubisoft is just filled with disappointments. I think the only Ubisoft games I purchased in 2015 were Assassin's Creed Syndicate and Rainbow Six Siege. Much like Unity, I was pretty disappointed with Syndicate. It was not a bad game, but it comes to show you how weak the story is getting in the series.

In order to show you that I'm not hating on Ubisoft, I have been playing Rainbow Six Siege on a regular basis. I really love Rainbow Six Siege. I think I have more hours put into the game than Fallout 4. Rainbow Six Siege is easily one of the most underrated games of 2015. Seriously, this easily hold its own ground against the likes of Counter Strike: GO. Trust me, they are more similar than you think. I love the idea that strategy and communication are key in playing the game.

However, even though I play Rainbow Six Siege like a madman even I can admit that the game still lacks content. It barely received a DLC map along with two new operators. Sure, it's cool that I'm getting free maps, but they are spread too far apart. This whole "release games earlier, finish it later" mentality is just ruining video games nowadays. Ubisoft is no stranger to this.

I can go on forever about how lacking in content Rainbow Six Siege is, but I still love the game. Maybe the game will be better in time, but it's still no excuse for people to buy this game at full price. I did get the most out of my experience, but I do still feel cheated.

Have you seen their trailers for The Division? The game was heavily rendered in order to appease to more people when in reality the game looks nothing like that. I am aware they do this for most of their games, but I feel I still should mention this. It's so deceiving

Although I may sound like a total pessimist right now, but I highly doubt The Division will live up to its hype. Therefore, I am now refusing to buy games from Ubisoft until they start getting their act together. I'm happy that they made some progress by not releasing the next Assassin's Creed game until 2017, but they need to seriously step their game up with it to give me hope.

If The Division actually does live up to its hype. then I will apologize. Nonetheless, I will not be buying the game unless it actually is good. Please, I really hope people who pre-ordered The Division just make some reconsideration. You can take my opinion with a grain of salt, but just think about the company behind The Division.
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