Monday, March 7, 2016

The Metal Gear Solid Fan Remake is Cancelled: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, I was in such a good mood today. The weather was finally nice outside and a new episode of Better Call Saul is coming on tonight. However, there were actually two things that happened today that made me pretty upset. Lionhead Studios is being shut down, which means that Fable Legends is canceled. Additionally, the fan made Metal Gear Solid remake was canceled.

Although I would love to talk about the cancellation of Fable Legends, I have been playing Metal Gear Solid longer, so it really pains me to see that remake get canceled.

According to The Shadow Moses team, "We have to cancel the Shadow Moses Project for reasons beyond our control".

I have this feeling in my gut that tells me that this has Konami written all over this. They probably threatened the team to not say it was them who ordered the cancellation of the game in order to protect their reputation. Considering how far Konami dug themselves in their own graves, I would not be surprised if they did have something to do with the game's cancellation.

This remake had real potential just based on the trailer that dropped about a month ago. Everything about the trailer was just breathtaking and shows how far we've come in terms of graphical technology that a game made on PS1 can be remastered on next generation hardware.

It was also clear that this development team put in time and effort into this project while treating the franchise with great respect. It was something that Metal Gear fans would be totally willing to pay for.

Imagine if the game were not canceled. It would probably be a lot better than the original game in terms of gameplay of course. Additionally, it would have content that the orignal game did not have or may even improve the flaws (if any) that the original game had.
Till Next Time!! #FuckKonami
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