Sunday, March 20, 2016

Why a more powerful PS4 would set a dangerous precedent

Hey Guys, I know that I might be totally late on this, but I feel the need that I have to go into a discussion about this. I'm going into this without as much bias as possible. I know that I'm not a PlayStation owner, nor am I into Sony products in general. However, Xbox is wanting to do the same thing for the Xbox One. Allow me to explain.

Apparently, Sony wants a more powerful PS4, so it could be able to output 4k gaming and be better compatible for the PlayStation VR, which is something I might talk about a later date or not. The PS4 can output 4k for pictures and I believe videos, but it can't do 4k gaming.

Here's what the problem is: this only proves how outdated the PS4 and Xbox One's hardware are! Most of us have already known how outdated the consoles are at this point, but this goes on to show that even the developers are finally realizing how outdated the hardware is.

Another problem I have is the cost of the upgrade. Do people have to purchase a totally new console or do they have to simply replace the graphics card- or something like that? How about people who don't want to upgrade to the more "powerful" PS4?-I use "powerful" loosely because PC will always be superior. They are going to be left in the dust with horribly rendered ports of new video games if Microsoft or Sony were to go through these upgrades.

You know who made a move this? Sega with the Sega Genesis. You want to know what happened to them as a result? They started to loose a lot of money. Once they finally lost a lot money, they had to leave the console wars. I think you know where I'm going with this.

In my opinion, they should have just waited to release the PS4 and Xbox One at a much later date in order to improve the quality of the hardware to actually compete with PC.
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