Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Division is getting a Day 1 Patch: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, lately I've been playing some of the older Call of Duty games out of nostalgia. I've noticed that there is just so many crappy players specifically on Black Ops 1 and Ghosts. Additionally, I'm surprised that there are more players on Black Ops 1 than on Ghosts. Actually, I shouldn't be surprised because Ghosts is seen as the "worst" game in the series by bandwagoners.

Anyways, I'm just rambling at this point, so let me talk about this Day 1 patch that The Division is getting. If you want more information on the patch, just check out out on Gamespot.

I know that Day 1 patches are not new, but they sure are not a good sign by any means. I do not want to talk about The Division in particular, but I really want to focus on Day 1 patches in general. I do not want to be unfair towards The Division since it doesn't come out until Tuesday. Besides, I already expressed my concerns for the game in my previous articles.

A game should be at its peak performance before it launches instead of having to wait to fix it. Unless you are pre-loading a game on whatever platform you're on, these patches are going to make your install times longer. Yes, people still do buy physical games including myself.

That's not to say that all patches are bad. There are patches that actually give necessary improvements to a game, but if it's for aesthetic purposes then there is no need for a patch.
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