Saturday, May 7, 2016

Battlefield 1: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, Call of Duty decided to go far into the future and Battlefield decided to go back to the past. Specifically, all the way back to World War I. If you go to YouTube, the trailer to Battlefield 1 has almost 600,000 likes and it's still going. Infinite Warfare is literally on the verge of 700,000 dislikes. I can already see it getting to one million.

Anyways, I think the hype train for Battlefield 1 has blinded every person on the fact that this is an EA game. I'm not actually going to be ripping on the game itself because it actually looks like it might be a good game-mostly because it's not in the future. I'm talking about EA and how they could potentially ruin the game with their usual marketing strategy.

I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their servers on the first day because I heard Battlefront and Battlefield: Hardline weren't as bad as Battlefield 4's initial launch. I think they finally learned their lesson when it comes to the multiplayer.

Now, you want to see what $220 can get you? It's totally not a scam at all.

Image Provided by Gamespot

I think the statue is what makes this Collector's Edition so expensive. Don't get me wrong, it's not that bad, but $220 for this? Why not sell the statue separately for people who don't want the Collector's Edition? Additionally, why playing cards? You could literally get those anywhere, so why in the world would anyone need Battlefield-themed playing cards?

I've never been a fan of steelbooks to be honest. If someone has to pay $220 for this, they should have at least included the standard game case. I know I'm being picky, but I personally feel that steelbooks don't look good in my collection.

The contents of the collector's edition are totally subjective to your own taste, but I do not really like what is included in this edition. Well, the statue is pretty cool.

There's also the Deluxe Edition of the game for $80-arguably worse than the collector's edition-that gives you in-game content and early access to the game on October 18th. Additionally, if you're an Access or Origin member then you also get early access to the game.

Have you guys noticed anything? It's something that actually important. I'll give you guys a couple of seconds to take a guess of what I'm talking about. Guessed it, yet? Well, you either looked ahead you cheater, you couldn't figure it out, or good job you guessed it.

There is no mention of a season pass.

I have no idea what this could possible mean. EA is the king of season passes! Either they are just waiting to release it at a later date or they won't release it at all. Regardless, both are still bad ideas. Let me explain.

If EA releases this at a later date, there is no guarantee that those who already bought the Deluxe or Collector's Edition will actually get the season pass. I would personally be pissed if I found out that I paid $220 for the Collector's Edition and not get the season pass with it.

If they don't release it at all, then there will be people who will be complaining about not wanting to pay $15 per DLC pack that comes out.

I got the sneaking suspicion that people are only hyping up this game because they are butthurt about Infinite Warfare, yet they fail to realize that Infinity Ward and EA are both using these marketing tactics to make you pay more for their games than you actually should.

Did you see anyone hyping up Battlefield: Hardline? That was doing something new. Battlefield 1 is also doing something new by going to the past. I really don't understand what people want anymore since we humans are all such phonies.

This may seem trivial, but whose idea was to call this Battlefield 1? Seriously, couldn't they have called it something else. Maybe Battlefield: WW1? Battlefield: World at War? Battlefield 5?
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