Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dead Island Definitive Collection: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, I was browsing the internet as usual and found out that there is a definitive edition for Dead Island. However, Dead Island: Riptide is also being remastered as well. The Dead Island Definitive Edition will be released on May 31st 2016 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For my USA readers, you can get your hands on this for $40! Dead Island: Retro is also included.

Before I share my thoughts on this, I know about the new Xbox One rumors, but I already said I am not talking about these "newer" Xbox One and PS4 consoles.
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Whether you liked the first two Dead Island games or not is totally opinion bases. Personally, I had fun with the first game, but I eventually got bored of the game after completing the story, which isn't great by the way. Additionally, I was not happy about the amount of bugs the game had at the time I played it.

I never played the second game because I heard mixed reviews about it. When I read that many of the same technical problems the first game had was still present in Riptide, I just had no interest in playing the game.

It's clear there was more emphasis on the looks of the game rather than its performance. I do not believe I saw a single thing about the bugs being fixed for this new collection, so there are already some red flags. Maybe Deep Silver is doing something about the bugs, but they haven't said anything yet.

Some of you may not care about this at all, but this effects PlayStation 4 users. You know how there are physical copies of the game? Well, Xbox One users are able to access both games on one disc. However, PlayStation 4 users are able to play the first Dead Island on disc while they must digitally download Dead Isand: Riptide.

I can't be the only one scratching my head about this. What were they thinking!? I'm sure the PS4 is more than powerful enough to handle both games. However, there are "limitations" as according to Deep Silver. What that means; I have no idea.

I think the most important question to ask is, who was asking for this? Seriously, did anyone want a remaster of Dead Island? Do people even talk about Dead Island 2 anymore? Should this even be $40? I can answer one of these questions confidently, $40 is way too much for this "bundle" especially since one of them is more or less the same game.
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