Monday, May 2, 2016

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, Infinite Warfare has been formally announced earlier this morning. More details have been given throughout the day and the Modern Warfare Remaster is a real thing. If you haven't seen the trailer, then you should go check it out before you read on. I'll give my thoughts on the trailer first.
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The trailer itself was only okay. It wasn't anything too spectacular, but I will admit that the graphics really amazed me. It seems like Call of Duty is going a step in the right direction in terms of visuals. However, the trailer is an ominous sign that the franchise has officially gone full on sci-fi. I got a major Star Wars vibe while watching the trailer and this is not a good thing. I am not a fan of futuristic Call of Duty, but I am willing to try out the space combat.

Speaking of space combat, you could tell that Infinity Ward is hyping the hell out of space combat. Remember the last Call of Duty that hyped up something this "big"? Hint, it has something to do with a dog that only shows up for a total of 15 minutes(more or less). I just get the sneaking suspicion that space combat will be minimal, so I'm calling it now.

Additionally, Zombies is confirmed to come back. However, it's going to have a new storyline as according to the PlayStation Blog. More details on multiplayer and zombies will be given at a later date.

Remember, DLC is still coming first to PlayStation first much like Black Ops III. Okay, now this is what I really want to talk about.
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If you couldn't already tell, the Digital Deluxe Edition of Infinite Warfare will come with Modern Warfare Remaster and the season pass. There is also the Legacy Edition and Legacy Pro Edition. The cheapest option is the Legacy Edition as it's $80 USD.

I couldn't care less about the editions of Infinite Warfare, but what I do care about is the Modern Warfare Remaster. I recently found out that Modern Warfare Remaster will not have a standalone release, so you could only get it digitally. I find it quite disappointing because I personally like having physical copies of my games, but I really don't mind at this point since I have no choice but to get this digitally.

Personally, I would most likely play Modern Warfare over Infinite Warfare. It's basically choosing Future COD or Modern COD and I don't really enjoy the future COD games. I can't possibly be the only one who isn't going to be playing Infinite Warfare over Modern Warfare.

I feel like Infinity Ward is going to make Modern Warfare Remaster a bundle exclusive just so they could sell Infinite Warfare. It wouldn't be a bad business move on their end because they got to sell more copies somehow. I think they are aware that not many people are playing Advanced Warfare much anymore, so they want to have some kind of relevancy.

To summarize my main point, I'm not entirely impressed with Infinite Warfare, but I am definitely excited for the Modern Warfare Remaster.
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