Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Xbox Live: Free Games of June 2016- Let me put the bleach away...

Hey Guys, the new free games for Xbox Live Gold members have been announced today and this has to be one of the best months for Games with Gold. However, I will save my thoughts for later and present to you the free games.
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For Xbox One owners, Goat Simulator and The Crew will be free. Starting from June 1-30th, Goat Simulator will be free. The Crew will be free from June 16th to July 15th.

For Xbox 360 owners, Super Meat Boy will be free from June 1st-15th. Then, it will be replaced by XCOM: Enemy Unknown from June 16th-30th.

Okay, now let me share my thoughts.

I never played Goat Simulator. The closest thing I even came to "experiencing" Goat Simulator was through YouTube videos. The game itself is good, but there really is no reason for it to be free on a console. I personally would play it on a PC rather than on a console, but I guess it is just my personal preference.

I heard The Crew was one of the most disappointing games of 2014, so I am pretty sure I am not going to play it. Additionally, I am not a big fan of racing games, so I probably wouldn't enjoy the game regardless.

I heard Super Meat Boy is hard as hell. I am up for a good challenge, so bring it on!

My friend actually had nothing but good things to say about XCOM. He played the shit out of XCOM 2 when it first released. I want to see what is so good about it, so I am going to be downloading this game.

This is a much better month than last month. I didn't even download any of the games from last month. Actually, I just downloaded Costume Quest 2, but I have yet to even play it.
Till Next Time!!
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