Tuesday, October 13, 2015

These are the prices for the microtransactions in Destiny

Hey Guys, most of you are fully aware that Destiny now has microtransactions. These microtransactions only apply for players who want to purchase emotes, which allow players to do certain actions in the game like blowing a kiss! How interesting!

It's way too hard to be sarcastic at this. I predicted that the emotes wouldn't cost more than a dollar or the currency used to buy the emotes wouldn't cost more than a dollar. You want to know how close I was?

Image provided by IGN

Yeah, I wasn't even close to the actual price. As a matter of fact, you can only pay for the Destiny Silver that come in a certain amount. I'm fully aware that there is a 500 Destiny Silver that is probably $4.99, but that's still too much for some emotes!

Just look at how many emotes that are available!

Image Provided by Forbes

There really isn't many emotes that people will even find interesting. If you want to see the full list of emotes, check it out over at IGN. The silver may be low, but imagine how many people will still buy like all of the emotes.

Seriously, Grand Theft Auto Online has emotes and they are free. I'm even positive they'll add even more in upcoming DLC whenever that would release! I know these are optional, but it's still wrong to even put microtransactions in AAA games! People already paid $60 or more into this game, so why would they want to pay extra for content that should already be part of the game!?

Destiny fanboys just don't understand how much damage this is actually doing. Don't buy these emotes. Period. If you want to make sure Bungie doesn't add more microtransactions into Destiny that could potentially get out of hand, then just ignore them.

It's okay to but like 1 or 2 emotes, but overdoing it will only support this awful business practice.
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