Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Overwatch: Is McCree too Powerful?

Update(7/26/16): Not even a day passed and McCree was changed once again. Essentially, he's more effective at short to medium ranges as his damage falloff range was decreased. It's kind of a mix between a buff and a nerf.

Hey Guys, if you remember one of my old posts you would know that I purchased Overwatch about a month ago. I haven't talked about it much because frankly I haven't been playing it that much when I initially purchased the game.

Anyways, I've been playing a shit ton of Overwatch in my down time for the past couple of weeks. How stupid was I to not pay attention to it? I'm loving every moment I've been spending on the game. I know for a fact I put in about 20 hours or so into the game, so I do have a moderate understanding of what I will be talking about.

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Because I am a "new" Overwatch player, I was not around to see old McCree. However, I heard horror stories about how OP he was. Hell, some of you might have seen that one forum post that was dedicated on taking about nerfing McCree. I though these people were full of it. However, I was just shocked when I seen old videos of players taking down tank heroes by simply using McCree's Fan the Hammer attack.

If you have not noticed, McCree has undergone the most changes than any other hero in the game. Seriously, he was nerfed and then he was recently buffed again.

Personally, I started off with McCree because I think he's just a cool character. Maybe it's because I just like cowboys and revolvers, but that's not the point.

I tend to switch off between McCree and Tracer, but I have more time spent with McCree. Is he too powerful? Yes and no.

Unlike Roadhog or Junkrat, it takes skill to be good with McCree. In the hands of a good player, McCree is a nightmare to go up against. My aim isn't great, so I am not a great McCree player. However, I can easily take down other 200 level health heroes with a couple of well placed shots. Keep in mind that I do play on consoles, so it's much harder to aim.

I think McCree is okay in the state that he is in. He's not an easy character to use. Before he was buffed, there really wasn't much point in playing as him. Honestly, I felt that either his weapon could use some more damage or his Fan the Hammer could be buffed a bit. However, letting him be able to snipe again is still useful nonetheless. He is pretty much useless in close range because his Fan the Hammer attack doesn't do much anymore. Unless the person playing McCree goes for headshots using Fan the Hammer.

By the way, if you want to improve your aim with McCree or any other character that has a non-automatic weapon, then use custom games to your advantage. There are plenty of videos that will show you the benefit of using bots in custom games to improve your aim.

Regardless, I am sick of hearing people bitch about McCree being too powerful without realizing how hard it is to get good with him. Remember how I mentioned Roadhog and Junkrat? I wasn't kidding about how it takes no skill to use them. My first try with Junkrat went well and this was in my early days in Overwatch. A good chunk of my deaths come from Roadhog's annoying hook. If anything, those assholes need to be nerfed because they are borderline overpowered.

Before I wrap up, I want to address that McCree's flashbang isn't that powerful especially if the other player being flashbanged knows what they are doing. McCree isn't a fast character and his footsteps are loud. He's already an easy target, so please stop saying he needs a nerf.
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