Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rainbow Six Siege Skull Rain: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, more information for Skull Rain was presented yesterday during the Season 2 Pro League Finals. I didn't get a chance to see the reveal stream, so I checked it out before I started writing this. If you want to see the stream from yesterday, you can check it out through YouTube.

"Kept you waiting, huh?"

I'm not going to go over everything that was announced in the stream; I am merely giving my opinions on what I find interesting from the stream.

First off, let me start off with what I don't like. Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of the new operators. If anything, they just feel like a gimmick. Seriously, am I the only one who got a Metal Gear Solid vibe when they first looked at these operators? I just see Big Boss or at least a channel of Big Boss whenever I see images of these guys.

By the way, Capitao is an Attacker and Caveira is a Defender.

Well, I get more of a Big Boss vibe from Caveira since she's the one with the stealth skills. Capitao only gives me a Big Boss vibe solely because he wears an eyepatch.

Anyways, Caveira's ability is unique in the sense that it can be used for an "unlimited" amount of times with a cooldown of course. She can interrogate an enemy to find the locations of the enemy team for a certain amount of time. In concept, this sounds incredibly OP. Well, it will be OP for new players in casual. However, veteran players can easily work around her skill because of either communication or pure strategy.

Capitao is essentially Smoke, but he has a crossbow! Smoke is a good operator, so I could imagine Capitao can be useful to the team if they need a smoke screen or some asphyxiation smoke. Otherwise, he's just an additional operator that can help with crowd control.

What I do like is the new map. My God is it awesome. Ubisoft wasn't kidding when they said this was going to be the most destructible map in the game. Shotguns have a purpose on this map because of how small the inside of the building is and the destructive capabilities of the map. I even like the new feature where you can see the loadout of your entire team. It's convenient during situations where you want to know who has a certain item that can be of use.

I can safely say this has to be the best DLC map that has released so far. I mean the operators aren't anything special, but I'm looking forward to the outer-layers destruction.
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