Saturday, July 16, 2016

Poodlecorp: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, remember Lizard Squad? Yeah, I almost forgot about them and I already regret bringing them up again. I have more respect for the shit I took this morning than I do for Lizard Squad. I feel bad for even using shit in the same sentence with "them". Unfortunately, they are still active.
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I'm already taking a big risk talking shit about Lizard Squad, so as soon as I talk about Poodlecorp I'm pretty much going to get anally penetrated. Well, it depends how "popular" this post gets. If they see this, I can kiss my sorry ass goodbye. By the way, if I ever disappear assume that I've been hacked.

In order to inform those of you who don't know about PoodleCorp, I will provide some background. Basically, they are a new hacking group that have been casing issues to big YouTube stars. Leafy and WatchMojo come to mind when I talk about PoodleCorp. They even took League of Legends offline at some point.

Why am I talking about them now even though they've been around for about a month? I was scared to talk about them and their attacks weren't as serious. Sure, League of Legends is huge, but it wasn't offline for a long time.

Today, they actually attacked Pokemon Go! They DDOSed the serves and now claim that it was a "lil test".

If you haven't already noticed, millions of people play Pokemon Go. Seriously, it's like everyone and their mothers plat that game. I don't get the appeal, but I do respect it.

If PoodleCorp can hack big YouTubers and take down a popular video games, imagine what else they could do! Maybe they might take down Xbox Live and PlayStation Network or maybe even Google itself! Okay, maybe not Google, but you know what I'm trying to say.

What really frustrates me is that there is nobody trying to take them down. There probably are some hackers who are trying to stop Lizard Squad and PoodleCorp. However, clearly there aren't enough efforts to take them down. Additionally, I will never understand what PoodleCorp gets out of this. Do they just get off on other people's misfortunes?

Internet security should also be improved, but hackers will always find a way around new securities being set in stone.

I do personally believe that they will be taken down some day, but I don't see that day coming anytime soon. Anonymous, please I beg of you to fight these good for nothing neckbeards.
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