Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Was Advanced Warfare Disappointing?

Hey Guys, I guess it's time for another post like this where I look back on games which may have been disappointing for most players when it was released, but I feel was a bandwagon situation.

I did a post like this for Titanfall a couple of months ago as well as a post about why most of us continue to play older Call of Duty games despite the fact people talk so much trash about it.

Let me get this straight, I actually liked Advanced Warfare. I thought that the Exo Suits were a cool addition to the game, but I also hated them in the sense that most players would just spam the A button most of the time. I think the Exo Suits are a mixed bag for most people.

I was not a big fan of the story as I said in my review of the game almost a year ago. I think most people are only disappointed at the game because of the story. Personally, I think the campaign in new Call of Duty games are becoming more lackluster. Yes, I'm also talking about Black Ops III, but that's something to talk about on a different day.

Exo Zombies was pretty fun, but I hated the fact that you had to pay to play it if you only bought the standard edition. However, I got bored of it once the third DLC pack released and that's only because I got sidetracked by other games.

The multiplayer was still the strong point of the game! I had a lot of fun with the time I spent on the multiplayer portion of the game. Sure, there were a ton of people who kept jumping around the map with the Exo Suits, but it made the gameplay much faster. It was a big improvement since Ghost's multiplayer!

I can understand why Advanced Warfare may be disappointing for some. However, there is no denying that this game is a lot better than Call of Duty: Ghosts. At least now the games are getting better. It may not be by much, but nobody can argue that it's a rehash series anymore.
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