Monday, December 7, 2015

Why Rainbow Six Siege is alarming for the future of Gaming

Hey Guys, I'm actually posting on a Monday! I do not know how many times I have to apologize, but I really have nothing to talk about when not much is going on. Additionally, there is no way I can do my own "Top 10" awards for video games because I did not play 10 new games this year. I literally just do not have the time to really invest in all of them and give honest opinions on them all. The only games that I have just sunk my time into were Fallout 4 and Metal Gear Solid V. I did not really put in much time into Black Ops III nor Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.

I actually do not remember what new games I have played this year. However, I know for a fact it had to be less than 6. The holidays are coming up, so I know that I am going to get a couple of more games, but I really am not sure which ones actually interest me enough to play.

Anyways, let me go on to the point I am trying to make on this article.

This was a screenshot I took back in the beta. I meant to use it in my impressions post that was never made.

Rainbow Six Siege has to be one of the most decisive games of the year possibly second to Star Wars: Battlefront. Why would I even mention both of these games in the same sentence? Well, these games actually only give more reason why lack of content is just seemingly acceptable for the public!

Okay, let me get this straight. I loved Rainbow Six Siege! I played the beta back in September or whenever it was released during the closed beta state. I thought it was a great idea. Sure it was merely Search & Destroy from Call of Duty, but team work was the emphasis of the game! If you have been reading my content for a while, you will know how much of a fanboy I am for the Battlefield franchise.

I really do not know much of the difference between the beta and the "finished" game because I have not played the "finished" game. However, the game does not feel much different from the beta, but that is both a good and bad thing. Why good? Well, all of the awesome game mechanics from the beta are still in the "finished" game! The customization is pretty cool especially when it comes to the character you are using. Why bad? The beta was free. If not much has been done to the game and there really is not a lot of maps, then why even charge $60!? Look, I know a lot of betas are like this. However, this games does not have a campaign! Additionally, Rainbow Six is known for its co-op campaigns.

Regardless, I think it's a good game, but I do not believe it should be $60. I think it would be worth $60 if the DLC were free in order to compensate for the lack of content the game released with. However, I guess it would be worth $60 if you were into multiplayer games, but it still does not excuse the fact that you are paying a video game company full price for a video game that feels partially complete.

I could say the same thing about Star Wars: Battlefront! The game lacks maps and a single player campaign. Both Rainbow Six Siege and Star Wars: Battlefront have a ton of replay value. However, it doesn't matter because both games were launched incomplete and are receiving DLC you need to pay extra for.

I really can't say much about Star Wars: Battlefront. I only played the beta and feel that not much has been done to the "finished" game much like Rainbow Six Siege. I'm not saying either are bad games. As a matter of fact, I really loved my time I spent with these games. However, quality does not necessarily come over quantity.

If you enjoy these games, then great! However, this kind of behavior from video game companies should not be condoned. If you are paying full price for these multiplayer-only games with lack of content, then you are only asking for these companies to bend you and your wallet over.
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