Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kojima's name removed from The Phantom Pain's Box Art

Hey Guys, with Kojima Productions officially disbanded means that Konami has pretty much disowned anything having to do with Hideo Kojima. Want some proof? Konami has been reported to tell interviewers not to even mention Kojima's name as if he's some kind of evil being. Want even further proof? They removed his name from his own game. Take a look,
Image provided by IGN. I added in the circles to highlight where Kojima's name and his studio used to be

I actually find this really funny to say the least. Konami is trying really hard to get rid of any trace of Kojima. They even got rid Kojima Productions from their own website. This is just a childish move from such a good company.

Well, Konami used to be good company, but now that they officially got rid of Kojima they are pretty much over with. They are still going through and adding microtransactions into the game. What is wrong with you Konami? Once you transition into the mobile gaming market, you are pretty much over with. Nobody including myself is going to want to purchase games from a company that booted one of the greatest video game designers to ever live and canceled the highly anticipated Silent Hills.

I'm sorry Konami. However, you're just going to get knocked out of the market.
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