Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday the 13th the Game Delayed: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, it's Friday! Meaning that it's payday for a lot of us and the weekend belongs to us. I'm still at school and have work is about 2 hours. I decided to check out my usual gaming journalism sources and found some disappointing news. Friday the 13th is being delayed until 2017.

I was hoping that this was complete clickbait because I was looking forward to playing this game. Additionally, I was hoping for an October release since it's the month of horror after all. However, this is 100% true. You can check out the official announcement on the Friday the 13th Twitter page.

They better include her as a character model

If you were too lazy to check out the official announcement, then I'll just tell you what happened like you're five. Basically, more content is being added that includes a new map, playable character and story mode. If you already pre-ordered the game, then you'll be getting the story mode free. Otherwise, the price for the digital version of the game was marked up to $40.

Do I think this is all bad? Of course not! Sure, I may be disappointed that the game is being pushed back to 2017 around Spring, but I'm sure this will give the developers a hell of a lot more time to polish the game before it's released.

Keep in mind that Gun Media listened to the fans who wanted a story mode and look what happened. They actually give a shit about their fanbase and that's just honorable. I'm sure they knew this game was going to sell like hot cakes, but they decided that their priority is their fans.

However, I still have to be critical in the sense that this story mode better be replayable. Imagine if the story mode took an Alien: Isolation route. Man, this would easily make Friday the 13th one of the greatest horror video games of all time. I'm talking about the story. If the multiplayer sucks, then at the very least the story mode would be the saving grace.

Anyways, I hope you are all having a great day so far. I'm looking forward to the weekend to finally play some Gears of War 4. I'm going to try to get through as much of the story as possible, but I got a midterm coming up on the 25th.
Till Next Time!!
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