Sunday, June 11, 2017

Xbox One X: My Thoughs

Hey Guys, wow it's been probably over two weeks since I've written anything. Well, I promise I'm going to make up for it this month due to E3. I've been busy playing some Friday the 13th and actually wrote a review. I'll be sure to post it sometime this week, so look forward to that. Anyways, let me continue to share my thoughts on Microsoft's new console.
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Look, I'm not going to get in on Xbox's E3 briefing. Even though I saw the whole thing live, I was really paying attention to the amount of times that "Exclusive" has been said. I'm joking, but I was looking forward to the Xbox Scorpio reveal, which is now known as Xbox One X.

At a glance, this is a pretty good design. While I am not a big fan of the black color on this console that we'll be getting at launch, it's still a beautiful console. It's great to know that this is going to be a tiny console. Well, it's most likely smaller than the PS4 slim and maybe a bit smaller than the Xbox One S. Regardless, its size doesn't hold up the amount of horsepower this beat has.

While it's impossible to experience the true 4K capabilities of the console unless you've been at the show yourself, you can tell that the games just look a hell of a lot better than they would on the standard Xbox One. However, I feel like 4K has been overly stressed during this presentation rather than the performance of the games. If you watch gameplay of Anthem, you'll know what I mean by this. Are these games going to be able to run at 4K 60fps that it's been said it could?

The price is something that I consider fair. $499 was the launch price of the standard Xbox One with Kinect, so I would say that I'm quite surprised that this console isn't way over $499. Good on you Microsoft!

Honestly, we didn't really learn anything new. about the console other than the price and the release date. It's great we've seen gameplay, but I don't think we've seen what this console is truly capable of. All these numbers, but we didn't see enough games that are graphically demanding.

I'm not going to give my thoughts on the conference itself, so that's why I'm not going super in depth about what Xbox did right during the show and what they did wrong. All I'm doing is going over my thoughts on the console itself.

Maybe I'll make a post talking about the conference, but we'll see what happens. You can pick up the console on November 7th, 2017. This isn't a bad console, but I just wish that we could see what this bad boy can really do.
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