Monday, June 13, 2016

New Fallout 4 DLC: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, before I talk about the three new pieces of DLC coming to Fallout 4. Did you know that ThinkGeek has made this Pip-boy replica that is ready to pre-order? It's probably a lot better than the original Pip-boy that was originally released back when the Pip-Boy Edition for Fallout 4 was selling out.
Image Provided by GameSpot
The main difference between the original Pip-Boy and this one by ThinkGeek is that this Pip-Boy has a built-in screen, so you don't have to attach your phone to this Pip-Boy. I should also add that this costs $350. Wow, this thing currently costs more than an Xbox One.

Anyways, let me present both the DLC and my thoughts on them.

The first DLC will be Contraptions Workshop. This will be released on June 21st, 2016. Yes, this is really coming out next week. It hasn't even been a month since Far Harbor came out.
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Look, I really don't care about this one since it is customization. If you want to know more about this, please check it out over at Bethesda's main website. I guess what you should know about this is that it comes with elevators! You probably have to build it with materials you don't have at the moment.

The second DLC is Vault-Tech Workshop. This will be releasing sometime in July. Yes, even more customization-centered DLC.
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Although I am not a fan of customization, I would say this looks interesting. Imagine being able to create your own vault and conducting "experiments" on your people. Yes, you can actually do experiments with your vault dwellers. I have no idea how many times I am going to say "yes" in this post.

The final DLC for Fallout 4 is Nuka World. It will be released sometime in August. Could this be the best DLC? Maybe. However, anything could happen in the months leading to its release.
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Not much is really said about Nuka World other than the fact it will add more quests and more locations to explore.

To sum up what I said, I think the Contraptions DLC is going to be useless to me, so I don't even know if I will be downloading it. Personally, I feel they should have added more story-driven DLC because I think I would spend more time doing quests rather than just cutimzing my settlements or what not.
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