Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Recommened Class To Get Better Skills

Hey Guys, are you tired of your class because it's too weak and it gets you killed? Well here is the Class that I use that is pretty sure to help you whoop the Crap outta some people!

Ok Let's start with your Primary weapon,
Menu mp weapons commando.png
Yes the Commando is the best way to go or should I say "Daddy's Little Girl"! It's rapid fire capability can be powerful against your enemies. Also the Commando has a pretty short reload time so you don't die while reloading, well at least some of the time. The recoil is pretty low so it shouldn't be too shaky, best used if you crouch. Now, the iron sight is pretty good, but I use an ACOG sight and A Suppressor attachment.

Let's see your Secondary Weapon,
Menu mp weapons cz75.png
My Secondary weapon choice is the CZ75! Ok, the recoil is pretty low except when you use the Full-Auto attachment to the weapon. I would recommend the Extended Magazine attachment or the Suppressor. I use the Suppressor for quiet kills.

Here are the grenades you should use,
Hud sticky grenade.pngHud us flashgrenade.png
The Semtex is easier to use since it doesn't blow up in your hands when you hold onto it too long and it doesn't bounce somewhere like the frag grenade. The Flashbang is easy to use against campers and a room full of enemies. But the risk is, it blinds your enemies and it blinds you if your in close range.

What should be your equipment?
Hud claymore.png
The Claymore can be used if your a Sniper or a camper. Enemies wouldn't be able to see it at most of the time. And they can die instantly depending if they have the Flank Jacket perk equipped.

Now let's start with the Perks,
Perk ghost 256.pngPerk ghost 256 pro.png
For Perk 1 you should use the Ghost Perk since you're hidden from Spy Planes. But if you upgrade to the Pro version of Ghost, it's a whole different story. When you have Ghost Pro the crossair doesn't turn red on you, so it's best used if you prone since enemies will think you're a dead body. Also Ghost Pro protects you from dogs, Gunships, Infrared Scope, and the Camera Spike. So I highly recommend this for quiet kills, since I equipped a Suppressor to my Commando.

Your Second Perk should be,
Warlord.pngPerk professional 256 pro.png
For Perk 2 you should use the Warlord Perk since you can equip two attachments to your weapon. When you upgrade to the Pro Version of the Warlord Perk, you gain one extra Lethal and Tactical grenade. Now the only thing bad about Warlord is that you can only create specific combinations.

Your Last and Final Perk should be,
Ninja.pngPerk ninja 256 pro.png
For Perk 3 you should equip the Ninja Perk since it lowers the noise of everything you do. When you upgrade to Ninja Pro, your every move is silenced completely and you can hear your enemies even louder. But it's important to learn the languages from all the teams to tell the differences from friend or foe since you can hear the enemy better.

This class should help you in the field of battle but it's a class for stealth kills. But it'll make you a better player in Black Ops.
Till Next Time!!
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