Sunday, July 24, 2011

Call Of Duty Multiplayer or Campaign?

Hey Guys, one of the biggest questions in the world is being asked here about something important in the Call Of Duty Franchise. Do people buy the game for the online or the campaign. Believe it or not, there are some people who never played the campaign before, mostly because they are too busy playing online or they don't like the campaign.
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Now I'm not criticizing the multiplayer, but at some points it can be so freaking annoying. You can easily lose connection to the game even if you have the best Internet connection around. Also, think about all the 10-year old fanboys who are extremely annoying and ruin your online time. Plus, there are so many people online who don't know what they are doing, and the most concern about the online is campers. Yes the Multiplayer has it's ups and down but either way it's fun. But is it more popular then the campaign.

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Now let's talk about the campaign, the campaign is made the same way a movie is made, everything is scripted to happen. The campaign is kinda of annoying just like the Multiplayer because if you play it on the Hardest difficulty, it's just plain ridiculous. But you get achievements/trophies if you complete most campaign levels on Veteran Difficulty. And you get an heap load of Achievements/Trophies for beating the Campaign mode on Veteran Difficulty. And usually you don't get achievements nor trophies on the Multiplayer. So all in all, same for Multiplayer, the Campaign has it's ups and downs but it's really fun. Plus it's fun for players who don't have online on their console.

So do you get Call Of Duty for the Multiplayer or the Campaign? I get Call Of Duty for both the Campaign and Multiplayer. You get this kinda adrenaline rush when you play the campaign and wonder what's going to happen next. But that's my opinion it doesn't really matter compared to the 6 billion people in this world of ours.
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