Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why Does PSN Have More Members Then Xbox Live?

Hey Guys, as of this day their are over 77 million accounts created for the PlayStation Network and that is a lot of accounts. But why does it have more users then Xbox Live? Let's Find out why.

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Since the hacking of the PlayStation Network most of the accounts made were deleted but after the PlayStation Network was restored, most of the accounts were re-made again. But a little fact to prove that PlayStation Network still is 3rd for the most Network services used on a console. There were over 50 million units of PlayStation 3 sold. But it also counts for PSP which sold over 67 million units but we are talking about consoles here. And users can create PlayStation Network accounts online on their PC. And most of the accounts come from the PC and PSP!

Now the Xbox 360 system itself has sold over 55 million units as of today. And the Xbox doesn't have any portable devices just yet. But users can create their accounts on Windows Phone 7, PC, and Games For Windows. But you need an actual Xbox Live Account! And so far Xbox Live as over 35 million users as of today and it's probably still growing.

Now the PlayStation Network has more users then Xbox Live because it has multiple places to create an account for it. While Xbox Live pretty much has only a console to be making accounts and barley anybody makes their accounts online since they want to experience it on a console. But sooner or later Xbox Live will have more members then the PlayStation Network and it will be Microsoft who laughs at Sony in their face.

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