Thursday, July 21, 2011

Xbox 360 Tech: Wired Headset and Wireless Headset

Hey Guys, welcome to an all new post in the Tech series of VGT, and today we will be discussing the Xbox 360 Wired and Wireless headset to see which one is better.

First let's talk about the regular Wired Headset, there are so many types of Wired Headsets for the Xbox 360 by different companies besides Microsoft. The Wired Headsets though are very easy to break if you drop them or play catch with it. These Wired Headsets last like Three months, or shorter. By a couple of weeks it would start making weird noises or you can't hear anybody. Then they get to a point where they don't work at all. And I'm at my third Headset already because it doesn't last to long. But one positive thing about the Wired Headset is that it comes to a fair price of 20 bucks. So if you want to use voice chat for like three months or shorter and want a cheap mic, you would want this Wired Mic.
Boxshot: Xbox 360 Headset by Microsoft
Now let's talk about the Wireless Headset, these come in different colors. So the Wireless Headset is small and can clip onto your ear. Now there are some negative things about the Wireless Headset that include that it runs on batteries. Never forget Wireless things run on batteries, so you can use the Wireless Headset for as long as the batteries can run. Also you can lose this Headset very easily, because of it's size you have to find a perfect place to put it so you don't lose it. And it can also disconnect on you which is pretty annoying, and it disconnects if your to far away from the console. But this Headset can last forever instead of three Months! And you can get this Wireless Headset for 50 bucks, but it's worth the money.
Boxshot: Microsoft Xbox 360 Live Wireless Headset by Microsoft

Ok it's your choice to choose which Mic is better, in my opinion the Wireless Headset is way better then the regular old Wired Headset! If you want a Mic then choose one of these, or get one of those expensive Turtle Beach Headset, which are pretty good.
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