Monday, July 25, 2011

Will Battlefield 3 Be Better Then MW3?

Hey Guys, Two of the biggest games of the year will be released soon and only one of them can come out on top. I'm talking about Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, and this time Battlefield 3 has some stunning comebacks that might make it Game Of The Year. Let's see which of these two games will be better.

First let's talk about Battlefield 3, it's previous game was Battlefield Bad Company 2 which was a great game among both players and critics. Though Bad Company 2 wasn't really capable of being nominated for Game Of The Year. But the current Call Of Duty title that was released during that time was Call Of Duty Black Ops. Anyway, Battlefield 3 isn't part of the Bad Company series. So what makes Battlefield 3 capable of Game Of The Year? First of all it's graphics are amazing, with an improved version of the Frostbite 2 engine makes realistic textures. Then the game is made so realistic! When you shoot a building for example, the debris comes down on an enemy if they are close to it and it comes right on top of them, killing them. I've never seen Call Of Duty do this before! Also, the campaign looks great after seeing the fault line gameplay trailer. And the ability to see your body parts? Why not make it a nominee for Game Of The Year?
File:Battlefield 3 trailer still.jpg

Now let's talk about the long anticipated game Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3. I bet everybody knew this game was under development. Now there was a gamplay trailer for MW3 as well, and it first takes place in New York. Anyway, somehow MW3 is unrealistic again because quickscoping returns from the other Call Of Duty Games except for Call Of Duty Black Ops which quickscoping was absent from the game. Nothing too special is coming for MW3 except for Call Of Duty Elite and that new survival mode which is similar to zombie mode. As usual Call Of Duty will always be nominated for Game Of The Year. But will it be Game Of The Year again?
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 box art.png
Modern Warfare 3 looks like a great game, but Battlefield 3 looks like a great aggressive competition! Modern Warfare 3 might even need life support to compete with Battlefield 3, but other games will be coming out as well that might be better then Battlefield 3. But right now it's MW3 and Battlefield 3 we are talking about and either one of them must be better then the other.
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