Monday, July 25, 2011

Two Gamers #10- The Guy Nobody Can Kill

Superm6031: Hey Guys, have you played online and sometimes their is somebody on the team or other team can't get killed cause their too good? Well let's see what the guys are up to.
Rob: Marcus shut up! There is people in the world that are better then you at Black Ops.
Marley: That's true Marcus, there are people in the world who are twice as better then you!
Marcus: Rob, Marley you guys are just jealous of me because I'm the best Black Ops player in the world and you guys aren't!
Nick: Marcus you really need to get a life!
Nick: You left your keys in the lock, again.
Marcus: Oh yeah I forgot about those. By the way, I HAVE A LIFE!!
Nick: Sure you do Marcus.
Rob: That's true Marcus you don't have a life!
Nick: Well keep lying to yourself Marcus.
Marcus: Oh look, A "Big Shot" want to try to kill me. Well suck on this buddy!
*Marcus' Character Dies*
Nick: Maybe because you suck!
Nick: Whatever...
Rob: Sounds like you got killed by someone who's better then you!
Marley: I'm checking his profile and WHOA!! It's a Chick and she's on 15th Prestige! And Marcus your on your 14th Prestige!
Marcus: Hold up guys I'm going to leave the Xbox Live party to have a talk with her! And OMG SHE GOT 32-0!!
Rob: That means she's better then you!
Marcus: Ok bye Rob and Marley!
*Marcus Leaves Xbox Live Party*
Nick: What are you going to do Marcus?
Marcus: I'm going to invite her to an Xbox Live Party!
*She Comes On Xbox Live Party*
?: Hello?
Marcus: Yeah you happen to be cheating because you killed me!
?: I killed you because you suck!
Marcus: Nobody Can Kill A Pro!
?: I'm a Pro, So that means only Pro can kill other Pros!
Marcus: Whatever! I'm leaving This Party!
*Marcus Leaves The Xbox Live Party*
Nick: What are you going to do now?
Marcus: I can say this, this person is going to still be better then me as long as she is alive...alive.
Marcus: >:)
Nick: Marcus, I don't like that look on your face.
Marcus: If she wasn't alive, I would be be the best in Black Ops again!
Nick: So your planning to kill this person?
Marcus: Yes Nick that's the plan.
Nick: Well I hate to break it to you but we know nothing about this person or her location. How do you plan on doing this then?
Marcus: I have my sources.
Nick: Prove it then wise guy.
Marcus: You'll see.
*Marcus Uses His Phone*
Darry: Hello?
Marcus: Yeah hey Darry, now I got a little "problem" that needs to be fixed.
Nick: You choose Darry!? What He going to do?!
Marcus: Hold up a sec Darry.
Nick: What, now you upset that I proved you wrong?!
Marcus: Little did you know Nick that Darry is one of the best Hackers in the world! He was asked by some Anonymous group for him to help them Hack the PSN! He's that good.
Nick: Hold Up, Did he aid the Hacking of the PSN? Because I got so angry that I wasn't able to play online on my PlayStation 3.
Marcus: No he declined it because he didn't want to be arrested for it, if he was caught. But right now that's not the point.
*Marcus Goes Back On His Phone*
Darry: So what do you need Marcus?
Marcus: I need you to find someone for me.
Darry: Who do you want me to find?
Marcus: Find out who uses this Gamertag, it's XXXXXXXXXX
Superm6031: Due to any privacy issues VGT will not put up real Gamertags even though they are random.
Darry: Ok, let me hack into this person's town Archive to find some kind of Bio and Address.
Marcus: Ok take as much time as you need.
Darry: Ok your dealing with some 20 something year old chick who lives on XXXXXXX street. Her name is Julie P. I don't know why it gave me her last name initial but that all you need to know.
Marcus: Thanks Darry your the best.
*Marcus Hangs Up*
Nick: So you got everything you need to know?
Marcus: Yeah, and we are taking her out tonight.
Nick: What do you mean we!?
Marcus: I can't do this alone Nick!
Nick: Ok fine, I'll help you. But if this fails your on your own!
Marcus: That's great, we'll recruit everybody else tonight.
*Later That Evening, Marcus And Friends Make It To XXXXXX Street*
Rob: Ok Marcus what's the plan.
Marcus: Plan?
Marley: Yeah, the plan you were supposed to make before we got here!
Marcus: Honestly I though I wouldn't make it this far.
Nick: That's just great, we came all this way for nothing!
*Marcus Picks Up His Walkie Talkie*
Marcus: Bob how you doing?
Bob: Do I really have to be the getaway driver?
Marcus: Then how are we supposed to get outta here?
Bob: I don't know, DRIVE AWAY YOUR SELF!!
Marcus: Whatever...
*Marcus Hangs Up*
Marcus: Ok guys, get your hoods on, We Are Inbound!!
Rob: Go, Go, Go!!
Marcus: We have to prone, otherwise we're visible!
Marley: We don't have to prone Marcus...
Bob: Marcus there are Neighborhood watches around so you need to camouflage!
Marcus: We do have to prone Marley! There are Neighborhood watches here!
Marley: Ok fine.
Nick: If we get caught guys, we are going to Jail!
Marcus: I know Nick, I know.
Marley: How are we supposed to get?
Nick: We can knock on the door if it makes you feel better.
Marley: Smart Alike...
Marcus: Don't worry I'll get Darry on my Headset he'll tell us where to go.
Darry: There seems to be a back door but it looks old, so it might creek. So your best entrance would be a window possibly open.
Marcus: Ok, let's find an open window guys.
Nick: There's an open window by the west of the house.
Marcus: Ok, let's sprint there ASAP and I'll take point. On my mark.
Nick: Ready
Marley: Same Here.
Marcus: MOVE OUT!
*Marcus Jumps Into Window*
Marcus: Darry we're in!
Nick: Marcus something doesn't seem right.
Marcus: Your right, I lost contact with Darry.
Marley: You don't think...
Marcus: FLASHBANG!!!
Nick: I can't see!
Nick: Marcus?!
Nick: Anyone?
Nick: Oh My God!!
*35 Minutes Later*
Marcus: Oh, where am I?
?: You don't think I knew you what you were up to?
Marcus: Who are you?!
?: My name is Julie, the girl who beat you in Black Ops.
Marcus: How do you know my plan?
Julie: You left your mic on during a public game.
Marley: Man Marcus, you ARE an idiot.
Nick: I agree with that.
Marcus: Screw you guys, what are you going to do with us?
Julie: Kill you guys, painfully and slowly.
Julie: Instead...
Marcus: What Now?
Julie: I'll shoot your brains out.
Marley: Right, with what? Your annoying voice?!
*Pull Out Shotgun*
Marley: 0_o, I'll shut up now.
Julie: You will, PERMANENTLY!!
*Door Slams*
Bob: Guys what's taking so long?!
Bob: What?
*Julie Shoots Bob*
Marcus: You, You, what have you done?
Julie: You tried to kill me, now you'll pay for my attempted death!
Marley: I can't believe Bob is dead...
Nick: Better him then us.
Julie: Time to die, starting with you!
Marcus: DO IT!!
*Someone Slams Julie In The Head*
Bob: That's right, crawl!
Marcus: Bob your alive!?
Bob: Of course, a good assassin knows to wear a bulletproof vest!
Marcus: Right, get us outta here!
Bob: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, no thank yous!
Marley: Whatever...
*Bob Gets Them Untied*
Nick: Marcus, she's still alive.
Marcus: Not anymore.
Julie: What?
Marcus: You can't be killed in Black Ops, but you can be killed by the Black Ops King!
Julie: Okay, that was so corny!
*Marcus Shoots Julie With The Hidden Gun*
Marcus: Well, she's dead. I'M NOW THE KING OF BLACK OPS!!
Nick: Don't you have somebody to thank in the first place?
Bob: :)
Marcus: Your right!
Bob: :)
Marcus: Thank you Ezio for the gear!
Ezio: No problem! See you in Assassin's Creed Revelations!
Bob: I don't blame myself for trying...
Marcus: Okay Bob let's get outta here!
Bob: Ok, but first I forgot something wait here!
Marcus: Sure Bob!
*Engine Starts*
Nick: Umm, Marcus I think Bob ditched us...
Marcus: No he didn't he went to get something!
Marley: Man Marcus your dumb.
Superm6031: This comes to the conclusion of Two Gamers season finale! See ya till the next season!
Marcus: Wait if this is the Season Finale I want the final words!
Superm6031: Till Next Time!!

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