Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Battlefield 1 Gamescom Trailer: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, I know I'm writing this pretty late, but I was at work at the time this trailer was released. Additionally, I still have a boner after watching it, so I think I need to see a doctor. Anyways, if you have not yet seen the trailer please go check it out.
Just admire the blaze...

First of all, the flamethrower is just awesome! How long has it been since a flamethrower has been used in a multiplayer game besides Call of Duty? Regardless, it's going to be downright terrifying to deal with someone with a flamethrower in close-quarters combat. It's still good for crowd control nonetheless.

I'm actually excited that battleships are going to be usable in the game or at least I believe they can be used. It would especially useful to get the upper hand on the losing side of a team. However, I'm pretty sure it's just a mortar on a bigger scale, but it's still going to cause mayhem on a bigger scale.

Not sure how horse combat is going to work. It's probably just going to have two passengers with only one being able to actually use a weapon.

I even noticed that there is a strong emphasis on the air combat. Personally, I am not very good at air combat. I can fly a jet and helicopter, but I am not good when it comes to actually attacking or making the proper evasive maneuvers. I hope that there will be no lock-on features in the game for air combat in order to get a realistic approach to air combat. Imagine how long it's going to take for people to get skilled at manually aiming.

I'm not too sure how to feel about elite soldiers. That one elite soldier that was featured in the trailer looked incredibly powerful. If a sniper couldn't take him out, then standard weapons aren't going to do anything. I know that it's similar to Battlefront, but I've never played the full game, so I wouldn't know.

Before I end this, I must add that the open beta starts on August 31st. People who registered for Battlefield Insider may be able to get access to the beta a bit earlier.
Till Next Time!!
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