Monday, August 17, 2015

Meet the OUYE! Mother of God....

Hey Guys, a lot of people tend to use pharmacy toys as a last minute gift for a child's birthday and these toys are never heard of. Most of them are knock-offs since they are simply pharmacy toys. Anyways, China is known for creating knock-off products. Chances are, you've either seen one or used one yourself.

However, this time they decided to make a knock-off console called the OUYE. Doesn't the name just sound familiar? Yeah, I forgot about the OUYA as well. Not only does it knock-off the name but look at the console itself...

Image Provided by KickStarter
You can check out the official KickStarter page or whatever you want to call it by clicking on the caption. It is in Chinese and I didn't bother to translate it.

What can I say about this? It looks like a PS4 and has an Xbox One look-alike controller. However, it's far inferior than both the PS4 and Xbox One combined. I'm not even lying when I say this. This "console" only plays Androids game.

You know how you can play an Android game? By using any Android smartphone or even a tablet! As a matter of fact, most people have either Android or Apple products where they can play these games that is provided by the OUYE.

There is no way this would be produced in the US. The US has far more stricter copyright laws than China does. Seriously, something has to be done about China's copyright laws because this is just a lousy excuse for a knock-off console.

In this age, even a child wouldn't be stupid enough to get one of these! They would instantly know they couldn't play PS4 or Xbox One games on this! What parent would be cheap enough to buy this!? You're better off buying your child a laptop, tablet, or any other electronic. Otherwise, why wouldn't they just buy them an Xbox One or PS4 if they can afford it? I could understand if they don't want to waste a ton of money on a console, but most electronics are pretty cheap!

I really need some aspirin or ibuprofen. You have no idea how bad my head hurts after even seeing this console. Just the mere mention of this console will be make shutter.
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