Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Awful Craigslist sellers #1

Hey Guys, this is a new segment I'm doing to really expose how greedy or dishonest people can be on the internet when it comes to selling video games or video game consoles. As usual, I will not reveal any names nor the location. The only editing I've done are just the black squares.

Anyways, let's take a look at these awful sellers!


This should be a universal rule. If you're going to sell anything, at least have an advertisement with proper spelling and grammar. People would assume that this is a scam due to the fact that the person selling it doesn't have basic English skills. Apparently, this guy can't even spell controller with spell check on.

Okay, this guy disgusted me enough. I really hope nobody even considers buying this Xbox One from this seller. Anyways, time to move on to the next seller!


From a glance, you might be asking what exactly is wrong with this. Well, this should also be another universal rule. Always show the products you're selling! This guy claims that he as Madden and Call of Duty up for sell, yet he doesn't show a picture of either.

I should also mention to make sure to always clarify what you're selling. This guy states he's also selling a headset, but he doesn't clarify which one. Is he talking about the default headset? Turtle Beach? Tritton? Afterglow? Seriously, always make sure your items are in the picture and not vague.

If you guys like this new segment, then I will be sure to continue on with this as it's fun to expose the awful sellers of the internet.
Till Next Time!!
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