Tuesday, August 11, 2015

So I just finished Dexter....

Hey Guys, I know this really has nothing to do with video games, but it's still a form of entertainment that I feel must be talked about. I know that I'm totally late on this, but I honestly never got the chance to watch Dexter in my free time. I heard nothing but good things about it. I started the series back in June and just finished the series yesterday.

Before I continue on, I have to warn you that there are very heavy *spoilers* in this article. If you have not watched the show or are in the middle of watching the show, please don't read this. Additionally, I will mention Breaking Bad spoilers due to the fact that show ended a week after Dexter ended.

Honestly, I don't have a lot of bad things to say about the show as a whole. The show started off strong with Season 4 probably being the best season and Season 2 being the next best. Essentially, the show did start going downhill once Rita was murdered by Arthur Mitchell or the Trinity killer. Honestly, he has to be one of the best villains in the series due to how normal he may seem, but he has proven to be this ticking time bomb who essentially belittles his family and murders innocents in his spare time.

He does a job at making you want to hate him! Lila West is also a pretty cool villain as well, but she obviously isn't as threatening when compared to Arthur Mitchell due to the fact that he iced the one thing that represented Dexter's humanity.

At this point, I'm pretty much digressing. Anyways, let me talk about the finale. All I have to say is that this has to be the most polarizing finale that I've ever seen in terms of reactions. I've noticed that there were a ton of people who just hated the ending while there are other who defend it by saying it was pretty good.

Was the ending bad? No, it was that bad. However, that doesn't change the fact that this finale still sucked. Seriously, I found it unnecessary for Deb to just die the way she did. However, it was still emotional due to the fact that it was Dexter who has to put her down because she was essentially suffering. Personally, if she was going die at least make her die in a way that actually matters. Why not give her a hero's death? I understand that she went down trying to kill Oliver Saxon, but she died ultimately by the clot that formed inside of her.

Additionally, there is just way too many loose ends that this finale ends with. What will happen to Harrison now that he's with Hannah? What ever happens to Masuka and his daughter? Does the department even look into Deb's death? There is just way too many holes that I just can't name them or I probably missed them.

In all honesty, the worst part about this finale is the fact that Dexter survived. He essentially left his child alone with a woman he barely met a season ago and will more than likely harm others in his "new life". Why couldn't the ending been more like Breaking Bad?

Wouldn't be interesting if Dexter's secret was finally discovered and he has an entire manhunt coming for him? I would have loved to see that because it would have been more realistic. Every person who found out about Dexter's secret always ended up dead anyway, so it pretty much made the show repetitive and predictable.

The show should have ended with Deb surviving her wounds and then Dexter leaving Harrison in her care after he commits suicide from the storm. Dexter wasn't thinking straight because he's leaving his son with an actual serial killer with no moral code like Dexter.

Most people probably got over the finale after watching "Felina". That was probably one of the greatest finales that could have possibly been created in history. Breaking Bad ended in a more realistic fashion and it was happy for the most part. Walter White died doing what he loved, he admitted he was doing everything for himself, and knew what he has become while getting what he deserved. That's the way Dexter should have ended.

I don't know how the writers messed up on this ending or pretty the entire series after Season 4. Season 5 and 6 were pretty good. Season 7 was okay but went on longer than it should have. Season 8 is possibly the worst season, but even then it wasn't bad. 

I still do recommend that you tell people to watch this show since it was great. However, it is by no means anywhere near Breaking Bad level materiel. At least in terms in the ending. Dexter will always be one the greatest show on television, but the ending was not satisfying by any means.
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