Thursday, August 6, 2015

Awful Craigslist Sellers #2

Hey Guys, I found some more awful sellers on Craigslist. Seriously, this is something that I could do on a daily basis because of the amount of people who don't have basic selling skills.


When will people learn that you always need to show the picture of the item that you're selling!? This looks like something you can find in the Google image search. Actually, I found it by typing in "playstation 3 20gb". Look hard enough and you'll find it.

Additionally, this console is pretty much useless if it can't stay on for a set amount of time. Additionally, who would want to buy a system just to play nothing but sports games? As a matter of fact, how does the PlayStation know when to stop functioning when playing a certain game genre? This guy makes no sense. Looks like someone isn't getting $25.


This seems like a good deal right? However, would you really trust a guy who can't even spell "with". Actually, there is a lot more thing wrong with this guy's offer. First of all, he's selling 29 games as well as the console with two controllers. However, where is the hard drive size? How is someone going to know if all these games will fit in the hard drive?

Additionally, what PlayStation user doesn't have The Last of Us, Grand Theft Auto V, KillZone 2, MW2, Black Ops II, Resident Evil 5, or Red Dead Redemption? These are just some games that people have played which means that people have probably played or owned the games shown in the picture. Most of these games can be bought for under $20. Who is to say that these games don't work and/or are dirty?

I do find it funny that this guy is saying not to insult him, but he just doesn't know how flawed his advertisement is.


I really wish I could just tell you that this is fake, but this is not fake. The only editing I've done was just the circle and the text. You have no idea how long I was laughing for. I feel like I've had my intestines ripped out of me.

I don't know much about Clash of Clans, but I guess it must be pretty hard to get to level 81 and to get town hall 10. Seriously, if anyone is lazy or stupid enough to pay $2000 for this I fear for humanity.

Well, this was the second edition of Awful Craigslist Sellers. I'm really having fun doing this segment as I feel like I'm doing a service to those potential internet shoppers and sellers.
Till Next Time!!
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