Thursday, August 6, 2015

Black Ops III's eSports transition to PS4 is a bad sign

Hey Guys, normally I don't like to talk about Call of Duty due to the fact that this game is a love/hate thing. The only time I would mention Call of Duty is when there is something that has to be called out whether to commemorate it or berate.

When Activision announced the eSports for Call of Duty, I pretty much shrugged it off. However, I sort of praised it when it implemented the ban and protect thing. It's a step into a new direction that could be used in other games to prevent people from using over-powered weapons or explosives.

Despite this new implementation, eSports will only be available on PS4. It kind of goes back to my console exclusivity arguments that I used in the past. It's not the game that should be worried about; it's the fanbase that should be worried about.

This is all just a marketing technique that is pretty much causing console wars. PlayStation fanboys are probably laughing at Xbox users that they can't have eSports. The Call of Duty franchise is still selling strong, so this will only persist the problem. Sony is pretty much sending subtle details to try to persuade people to go out and buy a PS4.

Additionally, it shows just how greedy video game companies are becoming. Sony knew how successful Call of Duty was in terms of sales and wanted to get in on some of the profit. Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg even told IGN during E3 2015 that Sony really wanted to partner. You can actually check the full article here. Doesn't this just set off alarms? It was bad enough that Xbox was getting special treatment, so what makes PlayStation any different?

I said this once and I'll say it again. This is just a bad idea. If you purposely start a console war, then you're pretty much saying that your console is better than the other since they have special access to whatever content. This marketing "technique" really needs to stop since essentially it's trying to create a sense of entitlement into console owners.
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