Sunday, August 16, 2015

Awful Craigslist Sellers #6

Hey Guys, it's been around 4 days since the release of the 5th edition of Awful Craigslist Sellers. You won't believe the one seller on this list. As a matter of fact, you can see it right now! Unfortunately, this was the only bad seller I can find for today, but I promise to find more in the next edition!


Is this guy being serious or is he just this dumb? What PlayStation user didn't download this game before it was gone!? I was angry over this, but I still couldn't help but laugh at this.

I thought Konami was pulling these listings off!? I know they did it for eBay, but what about Craigslist!? How are idiots like these guys still getting away with this!? I really hope nobody is dumb enough to buy this unless you are really that desperate to play PT.

Seriously, PT can be completed in under an hour if you know what you're doing or probably even less than that! There is no way this game is worth a $1,000!
Till Next Time!!

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