Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Awful Craigslist Sellers #4

Hey Guys, I'm back for another edition of Awful Craigslist Sellers! As usual, I'll be looking at people who overprice their items, have terrible grammar, poor item qualities, misleading titles, stock images, etc. Trust me, these sellers just pollute everything.


Actually, this doesn't seem like a bad deal, right? Seriously, do you really think someone is dumb enough to sell this console with a 2TB hard drive with two games for only $120? I don't mind paying $200 for the console, but anything less than that just sets off red flags.

What if the console shuts off randomly? What if the console is damaged from the bottom? Why do they have Call of Duty in the title? What if someone clicked on this without seeing the thumbnail? Something just has to be wrong with the console.

This should just be a rule. If a console is this cheap and has all these things that come with it, just assume that there has to be something wrong with it. Trust me, there are a lot of people of the internet who are not that generous.


If you built a computer for gaming, do you really need to sell your PS4 for such a high amount? Additionally, it only comes with 1 game! Most PS4 bundles that come with 1 game start off at just $399! Matter of fact, you can go to GameStop and get a pre-owned console with a bigger hard drive space and a free choice of a pre-owned game.

Talk about being greedy. You could have at least put the console anywhere from $299 to $380. Otherwise, people will just find a much better deal than this!


If I want to buy a video game, I want to buy it COMPLETE. If I have the option to buy only the disc, then I will simply just walk away. It's my personal preference to always have my games in their boxes instead of having them in these generic cases.

Want to know the real crime though? This guy wants $40 for it! You can get the complete game on Amazon for just $19.99! That's literally half the price for what this guy wants it for! I'm pretty sure GameStop is still selling it for $40, but it's just a prime example of people selling their items for more than what it's actually worth.

I know that I have a lot of PlayStation 4 sellers as part of these lists. However, it's pretty hard to find an Xbox One seller who doesn't sell them at such ridiculous prices. That's only because the Xbox One doesn't sell as much as the PlayStation 4, so people feel the need to just overcharge on selling their PS4 or just sell their PS4 that possibly has issues.
Till Next Time!!
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