Monday, August 3, 2015

Rocket League is "absolutely, 100 percent going to other platforms"

Hey Guys, I almost got a heart attack when I first heard the news that Psyonix, the developers behind Rocket League, has announced that Rocket League will be coming to other consoles. However, it's unknown as to which console it will be coming to.

With only around 12 or so employees at the company, it's unknown as to how long it would take for Rocket League to arrive on other consoles.

The developer also clarified that last-gen consoles are still likely to see this game as well, so maybe we might see a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 release of the game. However, most of us Microsoft users want this game on Xbox One.

If this game were to release on Xbox One for free as part of the Games with Gold, the severs to this game would pretty much be broken because of how fun this game is. I would really love to get a chance to play this game.
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