Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Video Breakdown: Mafia III - Worldwide Reveal Trailer | PS4

Hey Guys, the Mafia III trailer finally released yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to see it since I actually forgot about it and was watching Dexter. Anyways, the trailer is down below for you guys to check it out. Let's get this started.

The trailer starts off at this swamp and shows a man driving alone. A pair of dog tags are on his mirror and he's wearing a green military coat, so it's obvious that he was a soldier. Then, Jimi Hendrix's All Along the Watchtower blasts on his radio making it obvious that this game takes place in the 60s during the Vietnam War.

I read the description of the video and the year is actually 1968. The protagonist of the game could be Lincoln Clay as provided in the description. It turns out that Clay had a guy tied up in the back of his car. The trailer ends with him killing this tied up an with three more people showing up in the background.

At 3:14. people have speculated that the old man is Vito Scaletta, who was the protagonist in Mafia II, due to the fact that this old man has a scar on his chin.

The trailer itself was okay. The redeeming factors include the possible return of Vito and the fact that Hendrix was featured as the background music. However, I really hope that Vito and Joe's story are still continued in this game because the ending to Mafia II was just awful to say the least.

I'm looking forward to a gameplay demo of the game as well as hearing more details about the game's story as Mafia II's strong point was its story.
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